At Sirkel Jewellery pieces are handcrafted in precious metals, precious stones, and a combination of highly skilled techniques such as carving, hand-engraving, and stone setting which culminate in wearable sculptural treasures.

With a combined skill and passion for the craft of jewellery making, Sirkel Jewellery brings to life inspirations that vary from themes of mortality, the intrinsic power of objects and a simple love for pure aesthetic excellence.

About the artist

Jan Bekker is the owner and founder of Sirkel Jewellery Design: a name that has become synonymous with beautiful, unique design and impeccable quality. Jan began making jewellery at the age of sixteen, having attended the National School of the Arts where he had “Jewellery” as a subject. After school he studied “Jewellery Design and Manufacture” at WITS Technicon and worked for a manufacturing jeweller. Thereafter he started Sirkel Jewellery Design in 2005.